Welcome to Mosier Creek Place

MCCA is the home owners association of the Mosier Creek Place community. This website is a communication tool to provide ease of information distribution to the association members. We are friends, neighbors and essentially business partners in our shared homeownership. As such working together in an efficient, respectful, transparent and collaborative way benefits all members.  

Owner/Resident Announcements:

Annual Owner's Meeting - Saturday, August 10th at 11am
Mosier Senior Center

MCCA Board Elections! There will be 2 seats available for the 2024 Executive Board with a 2 year term. If you are interested please submit the following link to apply.  All owners are eligible.https://forms.gle/EfuZEsj6YcobWJmq9

Please submit by 8/9/24

Committee Members Needed for Finance, Operations & Maintenance. Please see the Committee page and contact the chair to participate!

Pool & Spa are OPEN 8A-10P  
  Until further notice electric covers are not to be used--, and only the pool manager will open the spa cover in the morning and closing in the evening.  However, there is a blue "bubble" cover for the spa that can be taken on/off by guests and residents.

Owners, please sign-in to see the page tabs & keep your website account information up-to-date with contact information and desired notifications.  Only the account holder can change settings & choose which information is available to other owners.

Property lines around MCP:

Helpful Owner/Resident Links

Facebook Page - Owners & LTR only (a social media platform for social things/misc. FYI etc...)

Please be advised the following submissions may not be responded to via email, but the property manager will see it, and address or forward as appropriate-- the board will have access to it at all times via google docs.

GOOGLE LINKS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Please contact the property manager until restored
Maintenance Request (something isn't working quite right)

Variance Request (a request to alter the by-laws/CCNRs)

Kudos & Concerns (a comment good/bad but hopefully not ugly)

Owner Information for Service Vendors is now located on its own page!
See "Service Providers" page

Guest Information:

Guests in short-term rental units Airbnb/VRBO etc... & guests of owners who will not be present during your stay. Please fill out the following links prior to arrival.  Thank you!

Guest Registration Form (for STRs as well as guests who are not accompanied by unit owners)

Guest Pool/Spa/Gym Waiver (for those 18 and older to be completed before use of the facilities)

Please note: Pool is seasonal as it has a solar array for heating.  Typically available late June to late September.  On occasion repairs or conditions may exist that close the facilities temporarily. Spa & Gym are open year-round, but may also experience times of maintenance and be unavailable. Registered guests only unless specific permission is granted from the property manager via a variance request.

Information about Service Animal Policies for Rental Units: Pets are not allowed in short or long term rental units.
Are ESA service animals!


Wasco County Sheriff's Department Non-Emergency     541-296-5454

Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue Non-Emergency    541-298-4178

911 Dispatch Non-Emergency    541-298-5507

Union Pacific Railway Emergency   888-877-7267 (800-UPRRCOP)

ODOT 541-296-8167

If you think you are witnessing a crime-- call 911 or the Sheriff's non-emergency number above NOT the Property Manager.  But please follow up to the PM with an email about the situation asap for information dissemination.  Thank you!

Elizabeth & Bill Payne, MCCA Property/Pool Managers 503-313-8383

Nichole Marcotte, Bookkeeper - [email protected]

MCCA, PO Box 534, Mosier, OR 97040

General questions: [email protected]